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Know Brainer Foods Max Mallow Sugar Free Marshmallows are fuelled with collagen protein, MCT oil and prebiotic fibre. Infused with a touch of flavour, these low carb marshmallows are a great snack and also a terrific addition to your favorite hot beverage. Know Brainer Foods Max Mallow Sugar Free Marshmallows are sweetened with a blend of xylitol and erythritol.

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Customer Reviews (3)


This is the second flavour I have tried, first being cinnamon toast, that was really nice, these are just as yummy. You don't have to eat a whole bag at once, easy seal so you can grab one when you fancy one.

Tried the vanilla ones...really liked them...waiting my second and third bags! and adding the cinnamon in this order!! looking forward to trying them!

These are... interesting. You can taste the xylitol more than anything else. It's like a mint marshmallow with a hint of cinnamon. The xylitol makes it taste very fresh, like you just had a strong mint. Not for me but others might enjoy it for the candy cravings.

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