Pretty much - there are a few exceptions though! You can find where we can ship to on our delivery page.  We have partnered with DPD and meal plans are sent on next day delivery. Your order will be shipped on Saturday for delivery on Sunday. Meals are sent out in Icertech packaging maintaining the temperature for up to 72 hours. We use DPD as our courier who will advise a delivery estimate on the morning of delivery. Cake orders and other non cold deliveries are sent via Royal Mail as soon as they are made.

You can find a full breakdown of our meals and the items and allergies that they contain on our order page. We request that you contact us prior to ordering, so we can be sure that we fully understand your requirements. Our ingredient list can be found here . This details the 14 allergens that may be found in our food. Whilst we cannot tailor make meals for allergens or intolerances, we can exchange dishes that contain these.

Unfortunately we are unable to cater for nut allergies as nuts are used in large quantities in our cakes, bread and certain meals - whilst we use best practices in terms of cross-contamination, we cannot ensure that there will not be traces of almond or coconut flour present (due to the quantities we use). 

We are also unable to cater for dairy free, the vast majority of our meals contain some form of dairy - either cheese or cream and it is not possible to subsitute these out.

Please comment your allergens or intolerances in the comment box when ordering. N.B - these need to be commented on each order. Your preferences are not saved anywhere.

Unfortunately, this is not something we offer at present.

We recommend upon delivery to refrigerate day 1 meals and freeze the remainder to enjoy at a later date. Full storage and reheating instructions are included with your delivery but can also be found here. We recommend cakes are stored in the fridge and taken out prior to eating.

The only sweeteners that we use are Erythritol ( which is a plant derived sweetener) and Xylitol ( which again derived from Birch trees). Xylitol is commonly found in sugar free chewing gum and produces a slight cooling effect when eaten. Please note, any sweet products should be kept away from pets as Erythritol is poisonous to dogs. The  salted caramel and chocolate cheesecake syrup contains sucralose as does the pancake syrups

Olive oil or butter are the only oils used in the preparation of our meals. Olive oils whilst high in calories is high in poly unsaturated fat which makes it the best choice for cooking low carb. We choose extra lean meat and trim all meat to remove excess fat.

We fully appreciate everyone has their preferences. We are more than happy to substitute a meal on the weekly plan. Simply mention this in the comment box when ordering and the dish will be substituted for other items on the menu. Please note: substitution requests must be like for like ie. lunch for lunch, dinner for dinner.


One of the reasons Kate, our founder went low carb myself was due to being diagnosed as pre diabetic. Whilst researching her diagnosis, she read lots of promising articles and journals detailing the results of a low carb diet. We are pleased to say she is no longer pre diabetic and that is down to the food she created and eats herself. In certain cases, people have been able to reverse their diabetes. Here is an example of a success story


The food we offer is the food we eat!! We try to make sure that our meals are tasty, varied and have an assortment of sides!

A lot of our competitors offer low carb meals - their meaning of low carb is under 20 grams per meal, ours is 20 grams per day. The benefit with us is there is a buffer in your carbs for you to enjoy some cream in your coffee or a low carb cheesecake.

Cooking instructions can be found here

Our parcels are sent on a next day service, unfortunately, from time to time there may be a delay with the courier. Our temperature controlled packaging ensures that the meals are kept chilled for a minimum of 48 hours, therefore in the unlikely event the parcel delayed, the contents will still be chilled.

Our parcels are lined with polystrene, we appreciate this is not the most environmentally friendly of products however it excels at keeping the meals cold in transit. Your order will also contain ice packs, please do not be alarmed if they melt in transit, it does not affect the quality of the meals - much like if you put an ice cube in your fridge it would still melt but the food in your fridge is still cold.