Our Story


 As a family, we have decades of experience within the catering and hospitality industry. We love food, we love to eat and we love to cook, bake and make jams and preserves.  We have always had a particular liking for  Italian food, and many of our recipes are keto friendly versions of the type of meals we have always enjoyed.

Our low carb story began with the pre diabetic diagnosis of Kate who had been ill for many years. An auto immune disease had left a legacy of ME and IBS with low energy, limited mobility and a subsequent weight gain.

Giving up sugar saw an improvement in their health, but the low carb diet started in March 2020 has had amazing results  - increased mobility and energy, better sleep and strength, overall good health and an astounding 5 stone weight loss!

As the 1st lockdown ended, the family were amazed to see the improvement in Kate's health and difference in her appearance due to her change in diet. This is what prompted us to set up Keto Kitchen. Drawing on the expertise of family member's, we started from a home kitchen but very quickly realised we were running out of space and needed to expand. The subsequent 2nd and 3rd lockdowns hampered our efforts to move into dedicated premises but eventually we got there. We are now in a commercial kitchen complete with a small shop located in the centre of St Annes.  

The meals we are offering are typical of what we have been eating - testament to the benefits of our tasty and nutritious low carb diet. We hope you too will feel the advantages of the low carb lifestyle.