What food do we offer?


Our food

Locally sourced fresh seasonal produce, prepared by hand, portion controlled and carbohydrate and calorie counted for your convenience.

All recipes have been tried, tweaked and tested, and are carefully crafted to provide maximum flavour with minimum carbohydrates.

Please note: all main meals, bread, crackers and pizza bases are gluten free.

Many meals and some sauces contain celery due to its low carb value so please be aware if you are allergic to this ingredient. Nut flour and nuts are used in some products and ALL items are prepared in a kitchen where nuts are used and stored. Our allergen matrix can be found here.

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Prosciutto wrapped chicken, vegetables & pesto sauce

Tender chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto and roasted. Served with a creamy pesto sauce and a medley of seasonal vegetables.


Carbohydrate       5.77

Protein                100.86

Fibre                          3.88

Fat                            25.68

Calories                 556

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Fully loaded mushrooms with chorizo cabbage

2 field mushrooms, with a garlicky tomato sauce, browned sausage meat, mozzarella and cheddar and topped with chorizo. Served with chorizo cabbage.


Carbohydrate         5.76

Protein                    17.82

Fibre                           3.19

Fat                            114.74

Calories                   428

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Low carb chocolate ice cream with berries

Creamy soft scoop chocolate ice cream is simple to make and at only 1.75 grams of carbohydrate is a delicious  occasional treat.


Carbohydrate         00.00

Protein                    00.00

Fibre                           00.00

Fat                            00.00

Calories                   00.0

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Pan fried tuna steak, lemon mustard sauce and roast mediterranean vegetables


Carbohydrates   5.25

Protein                31.99     

Fibre                       1.57 

Fat                          17.85

Calories                343

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Creamy mushroom soup and a low carb bread roll


Carbohydrate    4.37

Protein                  7.13

Fibre                       6.18

Fat                           23.65

Calories                257

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Smoked Mackerel and tuna fishcakes. caper sauce and vegetable medley.


Carbohydrate      6.91

Protein                   15.92

Fibre                          4.55

Fat                             90.37

Calories                   394

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Meatballs with aubergine parmigiana

Seasoned lean minced steak and herb meatballs  accompanied by layers of aubergine, cheese and a tomato sauce.


Carbohydrate        7.27

Protein                   58.32

Fibre                           4.47

Fat                               36.6

Calories                    443

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Big breakfast

Souffle omelette with a topping of tomato, bacon and cheddar accompanied by low carb sausages and grilled  mushrooms.


Carbohydrate       3.92

Protein                   34.53

Fibre                          0.78

Fat                              31.7

Calories                   523

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Aubergine lasagne with garlic stuffed mushrooms

Layers of grilled aubergine, bolognese sauce and mixed cheeses, baked until golden and served with garlic musrooms. 


Carbohydrate       8.78

Protein                   64.30

Fibre                           5.18

Fat                               59.5

Calories                     419

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Low Carb Bread Rolls

Served with our soups and available to buy in packs of 4

At only 1.36 grams of carbohydrate we enjoy them with baked camembert, soup or making sandwiches with them

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Pancakes with low carb lemon curd

Two fluffy, slightly sweetened pancakes with tangy low carb lemon curd. We eat ours with whipped cream, but butter is just as good!


Carbohydrate           2.74

Protein                         6.40

Fibre                              0.36

Fat                                18.44

Calories                      299

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Low Carb Pizza

The base of this flour free pizza is not as robust as those which contain gluten, and and so it is best served freshly made.... but ready to cook pizzas with a selection of toppings are available in our shop.

We often have baked camembert, followed by pizza or keto breaded southern style chicken as our Saturday night *fakeaway*

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Salmon, vegetable medley and pesto courgette noodles

Oven baked salmon served with courgette noodles in a creamy pesto sauce and seasonal vegetables.


Carbohydrate          5.1

Protein                     37.87

Fibre                           3.72

Fat                              39.05

Calories                   431

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Chicken and vegetable soup with a low carb bread roll

Chicken pieces simmered with shallot, celery, courgette and chicken stock served with a low carb bread roll.


Carbohydrate    5.93

Protein                 29.50

Fibre                        5.97

Fat                           33.93

Calories                 338

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Frittata with salad 

Sausage meat, bacon, tomato and shallot combined with eggs, cheese and cream and baked until set.  Delicious hot or cold, for breakfast or for lunch - we have ours with salad and mayonnaise.


Carbohydrate      2.69

Protein                 10.66

Fibre                         1.12

Fat                            48.57

Calories                  544

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Chicken in white wine with creamy pesto noodles

Tender chicken breast, browned and then braised with wine and celery and served with a reduction of the stock with cream and accompanied by courgette noodles in a creamy pesto sauce.


Carbohydrate       5.77

Protein                   53.78

Fibre                          1.85

Fat                            30.30

Calories                   414

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Fish pie topped with cauliflower mash served with wilted spinach

Chunks of smoked and white fish in a rich cheese sauce with a topping of cauliflower rice served on a bed of wilted baby spinach.


Carbohydrate     4.70

Protein                 49.46

Fibre                        3.70

Fat                          36.92

Calories                 549

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Oven baked white fish with a cheese sauce, cauliflower mash and wilted spinach

Fillets of fish baked and then smothered in a creamy cheese sauce. Served with wilted spinach and a creamy cauliflower mash.


Carbohydrate        4.26

Protein                    29.31

Fibre                           3.10

Fat                               21.32

Calories                     325

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Chicken and vegetable curry with low carb naan breads

Chunks of chicken thigh and breast slow simmered with shallots, garlic, aubergine and spices and accompanied by two min low carb naan breads.


Carbohydrate          7.10

Protein                      20.53        

 Fibre                          10.48

Fat                               38.51

Calories                      493

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Breakfast pots

Greek yoghurt and cream with swirls of either raspberry chia jam or low carb lemon curd with chunky, home made sugar  and wheat free granola.


Carbohydrate     3.81

Protein                 19.46

Fibre                        3.29

Fat                           34.31

Calories                 315

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Creamy broccoli soup with a low carb bread roll

Broccoli cooked in vegetable stock and pureed with crumbly Lancashire cheese and a drop of cream. Served with a low carb bread roll.


Carbohydrate      6.67

Protein                  12.34

Fibre                         7.15

Fat                            17.10

Calories                  239